Ian Meagher

Financial Advisor

Ian began his professional career as a Technical Controller with the United States Marines, while stationed in Camp Pendleton, and deployed to Fallujah and Ramadi Iraq. Thereafter, he completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting and Finance. Ian has since honed his skills making the complex simple by aggregating large swaths of data into an easily understood format to help people make the best decisions possible.

Ian initially began his post college career at Deloitte Consulting, where he used Excel, and visualization software to build templates and reports that enabled multimillion dollar projects to be planned and executed. All while providing constant feedback to account for unforeseen changes.

In 2017 Ian began working at T. Hasegawa Flavors as Sales and Business Analyst. This allowed him to integrate data that had previously been opaque. This, in turn, created the interfaces used to facilitate actionable data.

In 2021 Ian began working in the financial services sector.

In his spare time, Ian enjoys snowboarding with his son, hiking and road tripping.