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Gary Meagher CFP®

LPL Registered Principal

Gary started in the financial services industry in 1984. He worked with a financial planning firm that was focused on defining the differences between stock brokers, insurance salesmen and financial planners. The analytical nature of financial planning appealed to his sense of order and organization. Initially preparing financial planning worksheets using Lotus 123 Gary honed his skills. He became adept at guiding clients in setting aside the appropriate funds to pursue work toward their long-term goals. Gary took the skills that he had developed and began providing two Central Washington credit unions with financial planning and investment services in 1987. He became Financial Network Investment Corporation's branch manager at the Boeing Employees Credit Union from January of 1992 through June of 2002. During this time, he became proficient at helping clients move from the savings mode to one of using their accumulated assets to provide income for retirement.

After leaving the credit union in 2002 he was instrumental in starting Sound Capital Group, LLC with two associates, Barry Spomer and Kaylin King. During his tenure at Sound Capital Group, Gary was tasked with managing his own clients' assets as well as acting as the Branch Manager and a Designated Supervisor of Financial Network Investment Corporation, the Broker/Dealer with whom they were registered.

In 2013 Gary formed the Meagher Financial Group, LLC.